Monthly Archives: April 2018

BMW gearbox mapping available here at PVE in Somerset.

We can now map your gearbox in your BMW. STAGE 1: Optimized D Shiftpoints to facilitate sporty, yet economy style driving Optimized Shift Strategy for up/downhill driving Optimized Warmup Behaviour Optimized Torque Converter Lockup in 1st/2nd/3rd gear Adapted Torque Limits for Tuned engines Kickdown delete in Manual Mode Gear Display in Dash in D/S/M Modes…
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Subaru Impreza type R on Syvecs mapped, 560bhp

Syvecs ECU Type R Impreza in today for mapping. Ended up with 560+ bhp. Switchable maps, low and high boost. Anti-Lag up next, along with Meth for some more power soon. Dave has only just bought the car, and it's very well specced, and a credit to its previous owner. 2.3 stroker, GT35, all the…
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