Activating Cruise Control On A Mk7 Transit

We can add & remove various 'Options' within the Mk7 Transit.

We have decoded most of the coding within the BCM. So we can add in options such as Vehicle at Speed locking. So the doors will all lock once the vehicle is moving. One of the most popular modifications we can do to your van is add in Cruise Control. This can be coded relatively easily. All you need to do is ensure you have the correct steering wheel fitted and the correct level BCM. These can both be purchased second hand or the like.


The body control unit to be a high specification unit requires a 'C' to be second from last at end of the part number, if yours has a B or an A in the second from last digit"****-******-BK" then it's likely not possible to add in the coding. It's likely also not to have the wiring installed to the squib behind the steering wheel. That said, all of these can be added in easily enough. Why shouldn't we all have Cruise Control.

Another piece of coding we can get up to, is adding in the rear speakers to your radio. Most of our vehicles only have the front speakers coded in. IE when you press 'Fade/Balance' it will only show front. It you are adding in some rear speakers due to a camper conversion or a second row of seats the rear speakers won't work. We can code the vehicle so that it will just come to life, the more speakers the merrier, right?!



We can of course add or remove many things, speed limiters can be removed, applied, increased or lowered!
Sometimes you may want to add an OEM feature, or maybe a passengers airbag or automatic lights, maybe even a rain sensor, we can code them in properly as the manufacturer would.
Some of the things we can code in on the Transit/Ford accordingly:

  • Outlet 12v in the luggage compartment
  • Speed Limiter
  • Alternator Current & Battery Type (Twin)
  • Battery saver time adjustment
  • Body Style
  • Air Conditioning
  • Cluster Level
  • Cruise Control
  • Airbags Present (passenger, and or driver)
  • Engine Type Adjustment
  • Fuel tank volume
  • Language change for instruments & radio
  • Navigation system
  • Oil Sensor
  • Reverse sensors / Chime
  • Rain Sensor
  • Tachograph activation / removal
  • Speed warning alert
  • Shift indicator
  • Trip Computer
  • Voice Control
  • Trailer module
  • Tyre circumference


We can perform diagnostics of course on your vehicle, not to mention a decent quality Remap on your vehicle at the same time! 😉