Car/LCV Remapping


ferrari 360 rolling road ecu
Ferrari 360 Being Remapped On Our Rolling Road

We have been Custom Mapping (custom remapping) vehicles now since 2004 in in Somerset, and have gained we hope, an excellent reputation within the field. It's easy to get lost in the whole remapping world these days, every man and his dog seem to offer a remap service these days. I can't comment on all, but as we all know, time is money. If something is so cheap, it's too good to be true, it usually is. The majority of the cheap end are software produced, safety limits removed, etc etc. We all know the rest. I can't offer the budget end of the market, and refuse to get sucked into the 'Remap File Machine' just for Profits.

So what do we do that is so different than your average man in a van 'carpark remap'? Well, for starters, we don't use these file suppliers that have automated systems. Some of the bigger names in the industry, unfortunately they use various cheap methods to 'map' a car, percentage increases etc. Here's where the problems arise, we like to prove what we have done on the Rolling Road. That doesn't lie fortunately. Various claims by your average 'flash and dash' remap guy are usually complete fabrications, and utter nonsense. The term, "Custom Remap" is now used and thrown around like no tomorrow. Essentially, its the same low standard map used by man, only with a different chassis number in there. There we are, custom. Don't get me wrong, some are not like this, unfortunately, when you have a rolling road at your disposal, and can read these maps out, it becomes scarily obvious.

So what we do, at PVE to ensure a good remap? Well, all of our files are written by actual professionals. Not somebody who had a laptop for Christmas, and ordered an Alientech system from China! All tested, proven in the real world. We can show you, and prove to you here. We are Master Tuners. We have close ties with some of the biggest names in software development too. We can provide tunes from MSD, and RSTuning here at PVE in Somerset. This allows us to provide good, strong decent Stage 1,2 & 3 files, especially in the Ford, BMW & Renault Markets.

We can remap map an Economy Map (ECO MAP)
We can remap map a Performance Map
We can delete various functions, for instance EGR & DPF. Phone or message us for details.

We don't use diesel 'tuning boxes' for a number of reasons. Please see here.  That said, there are some awesome bits of kit on the market, and coming on the market. Especially for some of the newer BMWs.

We can offer an exceptionally wide range of ECU recalibrations. We do quite a few of the 'old school' EPROM writing & swaps. Remember when we used to 'Chip' a car? Well, we have the facilities here to read/write and modify the ECU's EPROM.  This will allow us to write a custom MAP file to a modified car. For instance, Cosworth management. Older BMWs we can also modify in this manner. Please see here for supported EPROMS

Going all old School! 330BHP Cosworth EPROM upgrade. We have a massive range including many 'chip' upgrades. Not just remapping.

Going all old School! 330BHP Cosworth EPROM upgrade. We have a massive range including many 'chip' upgrades. Not just remapping.

If you can't see your car listed, give us a call, or send me a message, we will likely be able to do it, we have one of the largest car databases in the country!

The equipment we use on most vehicles is made by Dimsport.  In my, and many other peoples opinion some of the best and safest equipment out there today. I've heard of people using leads they got from 'eBay', using an old laptop to remap a car with a file they downloaded or got free on a CD. It literally makes me shudder. What happens when they brick an ECU? For an OBD remap, we use the Dimsport Genius. It's sole purpose is to safely write a file to your ECU.

PVE Dimsport Genius 2

The Dimsport Genius 2 being used on an Aston Martin

The latest families of ECU are processor driven and programmed via tiny ports on the PCB during the manufacturing process. program an ECU direct to the circuit board inside the ECU. This is the same way ECU's are programmed new at the factory. Our Dimsport Trasdata BDM system uses a locating frame, connecting probes, and a bed needle system to completely wipe out the need to solder any boot pins. The ECU is located in the positioning frame and then the electrodes attached to the BDM are lowered onto programming ports (small electronic contacts on the circuit board)  and the ECU can then be read and written to. All of the software stored in ECUs supplied with the following microprocessors (CPU): Motorola MPC 5xx, Infineon Tricore, ST Microelectronics ST10, can be worked on. The BDM reading and programming operations can be considered an alternative solution to the serial programming method and an evolution of the old conventional programming procedure. This system requires the opening of the ECU and the connection to a specific area. The Dimsport BNP and positioning frame ensures that there is no soldering required to your ECU. We also carry the full range of adaptors and connection equipment, so we can communicate with the whole range of ECU's.

We are remapping several cars a week presently, check out our facebook page, to keep up to date on what we are up to.

Just a small selection of some of the recent remaps we have completed:

Chard Remapping, Ilminster Remapping, Axminster Remapping, Taunton Remapping, Yeovil Remapping, Honiton Remapping, Crewkerne Remapping