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DPF Removal at PVE

BMW X3 2.0D Remapped,

This BMW 2.0D X3 came to us with a few little issues. We diagnosed three injectors faulty before we remapped it. They were replaced here, and then the vehicle was treated to an increase in performance! We OBD flashed this vehicles EDC16+ C35 ECU with an Evolution Chips Stage 1 remap. We remapped this vehicle…
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DPF FAP Removal

Diesel Particulate Filter Removal (DPF FAP Delete) Are you having problems with your Diesel Particulate   Filter?           Are you facing some very expensive repairs?           Are you sick of the extremely poor MPG your vehicle returns whilst the DPF is regenerating?           Do you want to remove the troublesome DPF from your vehicle altogether? If…
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