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Jaguar XKR Race Car Build

Our Jaguar X100 XKR Race Car Build Ep.6

I finally got the car wired, and on the dyno. Happily, no problems arose!We set off to Silverstone, our first race ever. I made it in two laps, and the oil pressure dropped on the V8 engine, and it grenaded! Not the ideal first race being brutally honest!Onwards and upwards though!
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Our Jaguar X100 XKR Race Car Build Ep.5

The next step is to fit up brake systems. I opted for a pedal box at this point. It seemed a sensible option rather than run on the OEM servo.I fitted the new battery, along with a Coolerworx gearshifter.I made brackets to bolt up the AIM 10" screen also. I fitted up the headlights and…
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Our Jaguar X100 XKR Race Car Build Ep.4

So the next few jobs are a little time consuming. We fitted M4 saddles around the vehicle in order to mount the pipes for the fire extinguisher system. I used the same method for mounting the fuel lines between the front and the back of the vehicle. I mounted AN6 bulkhead fittings in the front…
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Our Jaguar X100 XKR Race Car Build Ep.2

Once we'd got the rolling shell to my brothers (Uncle Spike!), we were able to get on with the roll cage. We made the roll cage mounting plates out of three millimeter mild steel. We used cds pipe of the relevant rating to make the main hoop. This took a couple of attempts in fairness!…
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Our Jaguar X100 XKR Race Car Build Ep.1

Welcome to my next online blog of building a race car! We're going racing, as you can imagine I deal with all sorts of different people um from all different disciplines of racing, rallying, circuit racing, sprint racing all of those things and racing's been an itch i'd like to have scratched many years ago.…
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