Contact Us

You can E-Mail us directly: for any technical questions. for ALL booking, quotes and online sales enquiries.


Our address: (Please bare in mind, we are strictly appointment only)

Units 1-3, Bramble Cottage
Buckland St Mary

What3words - buggy.singing.massaging

Telephone: 01460 234142

We also have Whattsapp on the same number as above. We use this generally for communication with the customer, that involves me needing too send pictures etc. Messaging us Via Whatsapp on a Sunday evening asking for a quote, often won't get a response honestly, as I'm often doing family based activities, and I clean forget to respond. Email is best out of hours honestly.

If arriving by appointment with a trailer:

If you've visited us before, you will understand why I'm allowing a whole paragraph to trailers!

Getting a trailer onto our site, is very doable, and relatively simple. For an experienced trailer driver. If, you are not confident, don't try it first time. Simple as. Arrive and park in the Eagle Tavern opposite, and give me a call. I will walk over, and we can chat about the easiest way to do it. It's five minutes out of our day, it's genuinely no bother at all, and we can get it sorted. At least once a month someone doesn't prepare properly, and drives onto a neighbours drive, causing issues!