Diagnostics & Fault Finding

Diagnostics & fault finding


We have many different diagnostic systems at PVE. This I only claim as part of our success. The main part of our continual support to many other well known local garages, and our own customer, is our continued training programme. We are genuinely interested in what we do, this helps in any job as I'm sure you can appreciate. We are Bosch trained here at PVE, and have some of the latest equipment at our disposal.

We provide our Technical services to many of the local garages in and around the Chard, Ilminster area. We try our absolute best to provide 'Same Day Service' to the trade, but as you can imagine, that's not always possible. Especially considering how busy we have become in the last couple of years. We often get told, that our work ethic is fantastic, and that we don't try and keep the secrets to ourselves. We will always explain everything we have done, and are planning on doing.

We won't just turn up with a hooky Chinese copy of 'Delphi DS150e' or Autocom. Which can be bought for around £50. Why you would want, god only knows, but still, you can! Poke around in your engine bay for a bit, then tell you there is no fuel pressure for instance! Watch out for these guys too. I've met a few over the years. They don't last long usually, but leave a trail of distrust for all of being decent and honest!

We are always up to date with our diagnostics systems, and that in itself runs to thousands of pounds a year. In our experience well worth it though! We are literally beyond dealer level in many Marques, we can even manipulate the software within an ECU to do things it was never meant to do by the manufacturer! We also have second to none, data acquisition systems, and the best in the business Picoscope for those more awkward jobs. I try not to play 'Parts Roulette' as I call it. 😉

Please see our vehicle specific pages for current coverage, including Vehicle Electrics, Key programming, mileage correction, and general diagnostics. We cover diagnostics within the local area, including Chard, Ilminster, Yeovil, Taunton and Crewkerne. I will add more vehicle specific pages as and when I get round to it. Much more to come.

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