Our Jaguar X100 XKR Race Car Build Ep.1

Welcome to my next online blog of building a race car!

We're going racing, as you can imagine I deal with all sorts of different people um from all different disciplines of racing, rallying, circuit racing, sprint racing all of those things and racing's been an itch i'd like to have scratched many years ago. If i'm being honest it's it's something that i'd like to have done when I passed my test. I always said i wouldn't until i can afford it, or at least i'm old enough to be able to afford it now i'm older and i still can't afford it!

I quite like the tussles that you get into a track day, so being able to do though do that under race conditions i think would be exciting, rather than just being on my own on the track. The other thing is i'd like to involve the family a bit i quite like the whole experience of going to another race track every month. Traveling up to silverstone for the weekend of racing watching other people racing other different cars and being able to watch that sort of next level. I mean we're only going to be at the very bottom beginners level and i fully don't expect to be very successful for a minute but just getting out there and and having a good time. We're lucky we've already got a van and a trailer so we can drag whatever it is up to wherever it is silverstone or or any of these places. Getting up to silverstone in a race environment in our own race car would be just absolutely epic so so that's the deal that's what I plan on doing!

We work with Swallows Jaguar quite a bit, and they already race in a Jaguar Championship within the CTCRC (Classic Touring Car Racing Club). It made sensre for us to build a Jaguar, and go racing with people we already know. So we have a few months until the 2022 race season begins.

We again were quite lucky. Swallows Jaguar had an X100 Jaguar XKR in theyre yard. It was a car that came into them on a 'trade in' deal. It turned out that the car had been in a minor front end accident, and they didnt feel confortable selling the vehicle on the forecourt. They offered the vehicle to me for an exellent price to turn into a racing car!

It's a model X100, and in fact a 'Carbon Fibre' Model.

Our first jobs, were to strip the car out completely to a rolling shell, then load it onto the trailer, and take it to my brothers where we will start to build a roll cage!

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