JEK Fabrications,

We have a great working relationship with JEK Fabrications.  We are a 'Master Dealer' of JEK products. We at PVE believe that the personal touch, and simple quality of the products allow us to be completely confident with what we are selling. Getting a great team of suppliers is half the trouble these days, so when you get a good one, you ensure the working relationship is maintained.

We have worked together on various projects and have found each others services invaluable. James from JEK has built us countless exhausts, radiators & fuel tanks over the years. Including many of the parts from our magazine featured Mk1 ST170 Fiesta. We have developed a few various ST & RS focus tuning parts together, and we are looking forward to some development work in the very near future on a couple of new vehicles.

So please, give us a call if you know of anything you want.