R53 Specific Tuning,

We have much experience in tuning the EMS in the R53 Mini Cooper S.

PVE Tuned vehicles have won the R53 challenge on a number of occasions at Castle Combe, and Darren Duffield presently still holds the Lap Record in his PVE Tuned MINI R53.

We have in depth knowledge on the OEM EMS, and have tuned many Supercharged and Turbocharged R53 on aftermarket Management. MaxxECU, Link, ECUMaster and so on.

We can offer EWS Removal on your R53 ECU (Facelift).

We can offer launch control on your OEM R53 ECU.

We can offer injector scaling, decat, etc. We've tuned many cars with various size of injector, and camshaft spec.

When custom tuning these vehicles on the rolling road, we use various specific datalogging tools, and the datalogging on our Dynomometer. We generally book a morning or an afternoon for tuning on these vehicles.