Modernise Your Classic

Modernise your Classic or Modern Classic at PVE.

Lots of us run Classic cars, and Modern Classics. Its in our blood I guess. Nostalgia, or maybe something you couldn't afford when it was new. Whatever the reason behind owning your classic, you are probably finding out, some of the more frustrating things with owning such a rarity. Parts, or rather the lack of availability. Reliability, or sometimes the lack of it, fuel economy. All of these things we are completely used to with modern cars.

How can we help you with these things? Well, we have years, of experience with converting old engines to EFI. Extensive experience in making these older beasts play ball with modern electronics. We first started many years ago, by converting KE-Jetronic systems to EFI systems, of various types.

We can convert your car to as much, or as minimum electronics as you wish. Maybe you would just like a modern ignition system supplied, fitted and mapped. Maybe you'd like your 80's Quattro converted to run Sequential injection, and fly-by-wire. We can advise, and recommend as much, or as little as required.

I'm always about to give advice, where i can. I'm sympathetic to keeping the looks and feel of the classics. Even if I do like the more modern Engines/EFi.

If you have a little project you are working on, or even an idea that you think might be possible with your system, feel free to send me an E-Mail.

To date we've converted probably hundreds of Modern Classics, and Classics to Electronic Fuel Injection.

We work with many different brands of ECU systems, and parts. We have the skills to get things machined up as and when. We have a big network of great guys, engineers, CAD engineers, and fabricators, all whom we trust to help us get your dream realised.

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