Our Twin Engined, Compound Charged R53 Cooper S

You may, or may not, have seen some of our videos, or read about our original little track car we 'threw together'. If not feel free to have a little look through:


We built essentially a compound charged setup. We wanted the power, that an M45 charged couldn't supply, and I didn't want to go down the route of just a turbocharger. I didn't want to lose what the car was very good at, progressive immediate power in, and out of the bends. A compound setup seemed perfect. However, it's common knowledge, that twin charging, or compound charging the R53 doesn't work! Well, so we were told. Just so happens, it works perfectly. Early torque and power delivery are phenomenal. Check out the videos on the above page to see it in action.

Being the sort of people we are, my brother and I are setting out to build 'The Fastest Mini in the world". Sounds like a big claim right? Well, here is how we hope to achieve this!

We want at least 350bhp from each engine, with early torque, throttle response, and ultimately reliability. This is a figure we can achieve relatively easily with the compound setup we used in our Mini V1 above. Having 700bhp in a little R53 should be good fun right from the out. The long term plans, once it's proven itself, are to see 500bhp per engine. But thats another story.

There were a few twin engined cars about, most popular back in the 2000's. Most seemed always to be let down by various gear linkage issues. This is why we decided to go down the DSG route. The VAG DQ250 suits our needs perfectly. The design of the adaptor plate between the W11 engine and the Audi gearbox wasn't a massive pain to be honest with you. This is a conversion we 'may' offer to road going versions of the R53 in the future.

There is already an R53 twin engined car built in the USA a few years ago. We plan on doing some things similar to this, and some things different.

Keep your eye on this space, for pictures and videos. 🙂

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