VAG Diagnostics, immobiliser & mileage correction

Our advanced VAG (WV, Audi, Skoda, Seat) diagnosis package allows us to perform many dealer level functions, including some that dealers cannot carry out.

Some of the features we have available using our VAG specific package:

  • Auto-Scan
  • Control Unit Info
  • Read Fault Codes
  • Output Tests
  • Selective Output Tests
  • Basic Settings
  • Clear Fault Codes
  • Close Controller
  • Code Module
  • Code Slave Modules
  • Measuring Blocks
  • Single Reading
  • Adaptation
  • Login
  • View Readiness
  • Security Access
  • Supported Codes
  • Freeze-Frame Data
  • Dual K-Line Support
  • 7-Digit PINs
  • Code Database current through
  • Diagnostics via direct CAN connection
  • Advanced Measuring Values
  • Guided Readiness Scripts
  • Support for Dual ECUs
  • Data Logging
  • HighSpeed DataLogging
  • Real-Time Graphs
  • Real-Time Gauges
  • Graphic TDI Timing Checker
  • Control Module Finder
  • Automated Service Reset

We Can read pin codes from the following vehicles, allowing to add more keys. We can perform mileage correction on many vehicles also.


Golf 6, Jetta, Polo, EOS with VDO dash 2009 - 2011,
Golf 5, Caddy, Touran, Jetta, EOS with VDO dash 2003 - June.2006
Golf 4, Bora with VDO or Motometer/Bosch dash: 1997-2003
Beetle with Marelli dash: 1998 - 2005
Passat, Jetta, with VDO, Marelli or Motometer dash: 1997-2004
Polo with VDO or Motometer dash: 1999-2006 (1999-2002 mileage change only)
Sharan with VDO dash: 2000-2004(mileage change only)
Caddy, Lupo with VDO or Motometer dash 1997 - 2002(mileage change only)
Transporter with VDO dash 1998 - 2000
LT35 ( Temic immo box) 1999-2003 (pin code read only)
Gol ( Kostal immo box) 1999-2003 (pin code read only)

Altea, Leon, Toledo with VDO 2003 - 6/2006
Leon, Toledo, Cordoba, Ibiza with VDO or Motometer dash 1997-2003
Alhambra with VDO 2000 - 2004(mileage change only)
Inca with VDO or Motometer 1997 -2000(mileage change only)

Octavia II with VDO dash 2005 - 6/2006
Octavia, Fabia with VDO dash 1997 - 2004


A3 VDO dash 2003 - 2005
A3,A4,A6 VDO dash 1997 - 2000
A3,TT,A6 Magnetti Marelli dash 1998 - 2003
A4 Bosch dash 2000 - 2008 - Read/write of encrypted data
A4,A6,A8 1995-1999 (immo box - read pin code)


Our correction module allows us to change mileage of a car both ways, up and down.  Please note, we are not permitted to use odometer correction function for fraudulent purposes.

All of these functions can be carried out at PVE, at our workshop, in Chard, Somerset. Or within a few miles, we are happy to come to you, using our mobile service.