Wiring Harness Modification and Building

We fit a number of aftermarket ECU systems to vehicles. We've been doing it for years. Over this time we have perfected the engine bay 'Wiring Harness'. We can build you a loom for you vehicle, fast road specification, or full on motorsport use with MIL specΒ connections.

We can build the loom for an Emerald, Omex, Motec or DTA, you name it we can sort it. Generally the looms we end up building are for vehicles that are one off. For this we usually have the vehicle here, and build the loom from the ground up. Or even utilising parts of the OE loom if that's what you prefer.


We have been asked in the past to build up some injector harnesses to be posted out, to which we completed. We keep the majority of standard JPT connectors in stock. With a decent amount of consumables, sleeving and the like.

All looms and harnesses we build are labelled to avoid confusion in the future. Again, we are completely open to the customers requirements, some customer have theirs colour coded to the vehicle!