Mk1 Escort Jenvey, Maxxecu Conversion

This Escort Mk1 has been running a Pinto engine for a good few years. It's been running on Weber DCOE 40's. The owner, Will, has been frustrated with these for a while. Will wanted a 'modern classic'. Something he could get in, turn the key any weather, and have a level of confidence of reliability.

We stepped in, to modernise this classic.

The spec list is not the 'standard'. This is a link to the first Episode of the Youtube Series I have created about the Mk1 Escort Throttle Body Conversion:

In part two, we run through the sensor fitment. The Pinto engine has no positioning sensors per say. We fitted a crank sensor, and a cam sensor to the engine, so that we can run sequential injection.

In this video, I run through how i've converted from the old low pressure fuel lines, to a new set of Aeroquip fuel lines, along with Pro Alloy fuel tank, and all associated fittings.

We also get to fit a Simpson Race Exhausts Manifold

In this video, I run through how to build a 'road spec' wiring harness, with a braided sleeving. This is a basic loom, but hopefully you can see roughly how I've built it.

A link to my MaxxECU Street 'Crib Sheet' you may find helpful when planning your loom build:

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