Dyno-Dynamics 4 Wheel Drive Rolling Road, Dyno

We have been live mapping, and remapping cars here in Somerset now for more than 10 years. We had plenty of Dyno experience in the past, with our first Dyno-Dynamics rolling road arriving in 2007. We have since upgraded the dyno, to an AWD Dyno-Dynamics 450DS. Literally the industry standard in rolling roads. We have enclosed it in a Dyno Cell. To keep your pride and joy safe, and cool.

Our whole cell, was purpose built. Literally built for the purpose. We can change the air in the whole cell many times a minute. We extract every little bit of exhaust fumes emitted while testing the vehicles. This allows the engine to breathe properly, us too!

We have four large extraction fans shifting the air out of the dyno cell, and one huge centrifugal blower fan, chucking 25,000cfm into your engine bay.

We have vast experience in various different types of aftermarket ECU's, including Emerald, Omex, DTA & Hondata. We specialise in MaxxECU, and can supply and fit these also.

Many of the other rolling roads we have used were just not user friendly, gave crazy results, or gave completely different results back to back. Why even bother if it's that different from run to run? We've made a successful business through not selling, or using cheap nonsense, so why start now? After having used various dynamic dyno's for tuning it was quite a short and sweet decision. The industry standard Dyno-Dynamics rolling road was to be used. I was not interested in any cheap inferior products, repeatable testing is what I'm after. There are many cheaper dyno's about. Hundreds probably, but nothing to the standard I wanted.

UR Quattro on the rolling road
UR Quattro on the rolling road

In other words, not just 'smashing' a rolling road into the corner of an industrial unit, and hoping for the best!

So, it became obvious we were going be spending nearly the same amount of money on the actual dyno cell, as the rolling road actually costs. Trust me, this is no small amount!

We can run pretty much any vehicle, up to the power of 2400bhp on our Dyno-Dynamics rolling road in complete safety, and accuracy.

We can rent the Dyno by the hour, with or without an operator. We can live map your aftermarket ECU on the industry standard rolling road here Chard in Somerset. We can remap your vehicle using the best quality equipment, on our rolling road at Chard, in Somerset, and give you a before and after printout. We can give you a power run, so you know what power your vehicle is running.