BMW 118D Evolution Chips Remap, EDC17 CP02/06 Tricore, PVE

A very nice 118D we had in for an Evolution Chips Stage 1 Remap at PVE Somerset. These make great torque and power figures as they are, but always a bit of room for improvement. After a quick free full diagnostics scan, using out Bosch KTS, at PVE Somerset. After consultation with the customer we decided a Stage 1 tune was the most sensible option. The stage 1 tune is a remarkable increase of 40bhp, and an increase of 70NM. The Bosch ECU EDC17 CP02 we write on the bench using our BDM programming tool.


We can also adjust various other bits, including DPF removal, EGR delete, VSS and DTC delete, should we require to do so. We completed these works at our workshop, PVE, in Chard, Somerset.

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