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Mercedes A220 Remapped on the rolling road

This Mercedes A220 customer requested a remap on the rolling road. We gained 30bhp & 60NM proven, no nonsense on the dyno. These ECU's can be tuned via OBD port without having to remove the ECU. We Remapped this Mercedes A220 at our tuning workshop in Chard, on the rolling road. Our no nonsense, 'no…
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Subaru Impreza Tuned On The Rolling Road Opensource

This Impreza is in great condition. Turned up due to a potentially dodgy remap. After driving it on the rollers, it became obvious that the throttle pedal map had been manipulated wrongly. We started again on the tune, rectified the throttle position map, and made another 30bhp in the same sitting. Our no nonsense, 'no…
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AJ16 Plug and play wiring Loom & ECU Packages

I’ve been working on for the boys over at Swallows Racing.We’ve essentially come up with a package, to run the AJ16 family of engines on a modern ECU. The package can be as comprehensive, or as basic as suits your needs.So I’m sure the first thing, all the Forum goers, and online experts will say,…
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