MX-5 NB VVT MaxxECU Sport Conversion

This MX-5 has been very well presented. It arrived needing just a loom built, and tuning.

Grants of Wellington had prepared the vehicle to an already very high standard, and we were fortunate to have been asked to take part in a small part of the project.

We fitted a MaxxECU Sport ECU, and built a loom for the vehicle. We've included a CANChecked MFD15. Inside the car is also a switch for various boost levels.

We've run of course a wideband lambda sensor, one of the great features of the Maxxecu Sport, it has one of the best Lambda controllers on the market today, built in as standard. We utilised the on board map sensor, to read boost supplied from the new Garret GTX28. We have the VVT fully working with a custom PID set up here. Multiple boost settings can be applied on-the-fly as you can imagine from the switch inside the vehicle.

There are various levels of engine protection, including oil temperature strategies, oil pressure strategies, and the usual 'Lean' cut, and 'Boost Limit'. These are all configurable in the M-Tune software for fine tuning if required after it leaves.

This engine has been strengthened with Forged pistons and Rods, this allowed us to boost the engine to a sensible 230kpa, producing 320bhp.

The loom is constructed of flame retardant, close weave sleeving made from braided polybutylene terephthalate monofilaments. This sleeves the loom, giving a good looking, cost effective loom that should last for years. The Audi coils are a great upgrade for the MX5 engine, and of course the MaxxECU can fire these directly. The alternator, and the temperature guage all work as they should, along with a 2 x sequential coolant fans, all controlled via the MaxxECU.

The bluetooth feature will come into it's own on this vehicle, telling you anything you need to know via your phone, if the CANChecked MF15 wont. This should be a great little track car.

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