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BMW 335i For our 400bhp package, Airtec intercooler, decats and dyno tune

A 335i putting out our stage 2 package. An airtec intercooler supplied and fitted along with some decat downpipes. A little mapping on our dyno dynamics rolling road, and they see over 400bhp. We have dealer level systems, and can read and write these ECU's safely. We can performs upgrades with regards hardware, or software.…
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Subaru impreza WRX tuned open source on our rolling road, dyno cell

Subaru impreza WRX tuned on our rolling road. We used an open source system on this vehicle, to achieve a decent and correct tune, and added in Anti-Lag, and Launch control. Give us a call to see if we can help. PVE are a rolling road workshop based in Somerset. We have the knowledge, the…
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Swallows Racing, Supercharged Race car in for mapping on Emerald K6

Swallows racing Straight Six Jaguar in for mapping on Emerald K6. We have ben doing a fair bit of development work with Swallows on this car, and I'm happy to say it's exciting to see how these are coming on. 🙂 For all your Jaguar needs, check out Swallows Jaguar. 🙂 We are always happy…
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MK2 RS2000 Mapped, rolling road, pinto, on OMEX

RS2000 Escort MK2 in today, for setup on OMEX. Previously mapped elsewhere, but doing more spark plugs per mile than petrol. 😂 Resolved lots of issues, and she ended up singing along perfectly, running her Pinto engine! This Escort is fully painted underneath, and pretty mint! Yet, it's used properly, as we saw by the…
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