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Toyota Rav4 2.2 EGR Removal

An EGR delete performed on this Toyota D4-D Rav4. This customer had been experiencing EGR cooler issues. The replacement parts were not available for weeks, so we stepped in and performed an EGR removal for the customer. No EML light, and no future problems. All performed via OBD at our workshop in Chard, Somerset.
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Isuzu Rodeo Denver, remap, and EGR delete solution 2.5

An Isuzu Rodeo Denver with an EGR issue in for our EGR solution. We delete the EGR functions, and errors within the ECU software, along with a hardware delete, to ensure no more Exhaust gasses leaking through into the inlet after our software delete. Along with some extra power and torque to boot. Do it…
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Landrover Discovery 3 2.7 V6 24v 186bhp, EGR removal & Remap, Evolution Chips, PVE, SID 204 Siemens

This vehicle was booked into PVE, Somerset into our workshop, for a Stage one ECU Remap, and EGR delete. We remapped the ECU a Siemens SID204 item in this case through the OBD port at our workshop near Chard & Ilminster. We can remap the Discovery at our workshop in Chard, Somerset too. We can…
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