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Transporter T5 2.0 CR (102) Remapped

Another Transporter remapped. We tune the 5-Speed up to about 140-150bhp.We can of course remap the Transporter T5 via the OBD port using our Dimsport Tools. We remapped this Transporter T5 at our tuning workshop in Chard Somerset, Our no nonsense, 'no bullshit' rolling road give us accurate data, and figures. Many rolling roads these…
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Ford Ranger 2.2 Remapped

This ford Ranger was booked in with a known software issue. It pulses on low rpm part throttle. We updated the software to the latest version available on the Ford Database. This partially fixed the issue with the Puma 2.2. We applied our fix for this issue, along with some power & torque increases to…
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