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BMW 235i rolling road remap

235i in for tuning on the rolling road.We've a mass of experience with tuning the BMW range here at PVE in somerset. We can provide a genuine custom tuning service on the rolling road. This 235i produced nearly 400bhp by the end of our morning tuning. We can of course tune the BMW gearbox to…
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Seat Ibiza Cupra R Remap

Seat Ibiza Cupra R For TuningWe've been remapping vehicles for over over 15 year, and dyno tuning for nearly the same. Rest assured we can tune your car, and run it safely on our rolling road. We have been remapping vehicles in Somerset now, since 2004. We have without a doubt one of the most…
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R56 Mini Cooper S Tuned

R56 Cooper S JCW In for tuningI rarely like to talk in 'stage tuning', it implies a 'generic tune'. This vehicle had various bolt on modifications, including exhaust, and front mount intercooler. After amorning of custom tuning, we ended up with 260bhp. A real 260bhp, on a Dyno-Dynamics dyno. 😉 We have been remapping vehicles…
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Ford Transit Custom Speed Limiter Removal & Remap

A Ford Transit Custom for tuning, and speed limiter removal.We always update the software on these, to the latest Ford version, before starting tuning. To say we've tuned a few of these over the years is a massive understatement. We've vast knowledge of the entire Ford range. We have been remapping vehicles in Somerset now,…
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