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Peugeot 205 T16 on the rolling road

A quick video of a genuine Group B T16 205 we had on the rolling road at PVE in Somerset a while ago.  This vehicle was brought to us in order to go over a few issues the vehicle was having. The car is running Pectel. We have plenty of cooling for such vehicle in…
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Fully Forged Engine Build Focus RS Mk2

This focus RS came in with a sub standard engine build. The previous builders had taken no tolerances into account. We had the block rebored, and a set of new Wiseco Pistons attached to the K1 Rods. We can supply all the parts required for your build. We can also organise any machining work required.…
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Van Diemen live mapped on the rolling road running MBE management

Offering genuine custom remapping, mapping and tuning works. We don't offer the usual flash & dash car-park remap guff. This 'naked' Van Diemen was live mapped on our rolling road, running on MBE management. The engine is a Zetec Ford engine, on throttle bodies with various internal works. The south wests premier custom remapping establishment,…
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