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Van Diemen live mapped on the rolling road running MBE management

Offering genuine custom remapping, mapping and tuning works. We don't offer the usual flash & dash car-park remap guff. This 'naked' Van Diemen was live mapped on our rolling road, running on MBE management. The engine is a Zetec Ford engine, on throttle bodies with various internal works. The south wests premier custom remapping establishment,…
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BMW 335i For our 400bhp package, Airtec intercooler, decats and dyno tune

A 335i putting out our stage 2 package. An airtec intercooler supplied and fitted along with some decat downpipes. A little mapping on our dyno dynamics rolling road, and they see over 400bhp. We have dealer level systems, and can read and write these ECU's safely. We can performs upgrades with regards hardware, or software.…
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Transit BCM Coding Mk7, Cruise Control, via post. postal service

A quick job first thing this morning. We are quite often coding various bits for transit Mk7, here in somerset. We do quite a few Cruise Control activations on the mk7 transit. This one, was posted to us, we coded it on the bench, and posted it back to the customer the same day special…
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Supercharger Selfie, the start of Our 600+bhp supercharged BMW E46 M3 Build

Supercharger Selfie! What can I say, childish I know! Vortech V3 Si-trim internally lubricated supercharger capable ofo 775bhp, plus yours truly! 😉 Part of a supercharged E46 M3 build, getting fitted today / tomorrow, 600+ bhp animal. Sporting my Guy Martin piston headgasket, still going strong and looking after my head squishy bits after over…
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