R53 Standalone Loom & MaxxECU

Happy to finally get one of these done. I've planned on having a Standalone loom for the R53 for a while. I've always favoured the MaxxECU over the plug and play options available for the R53. To the point, where I made my own plug and play adaptor to be able to run the MaxxECU race.

This loom will natively be able to run the entirety of the W11 engine, sequentially. It's designed primarily for race cars, and track day cars. It is expandable and has CAN, enabled for the OEM cluster, should you want to use it.

The heart of the system uses the MaxxECU Sport:


The ECU is supplied with a base map to run 550cc injectors. I can add or delete bits in as required.

This will be in our webshop shortly.

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