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Bi-turbo VW Crafter remapped 163 speed limiter removal

We remapped this 2015 crafter over the OBD port. We also turned off the speed limiter for the customer at the same time. Weโ€™ve been remapping for over 10 years now. During that time, you learn a thing or two! 😉 We only use premium software, some seem to base their business on cheap end…
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VW Crafter 163bhp 2.0 BiTd Twin Turbo, Remapped and speed limiter removed.

This baby, was literally hot off the press! 330 miles in total to be exact! We remapped this crafter, to release some extra power, about 33bhp and 70NM. We also removed the factory speed limiter at the same time! We can remap these vehicles safely through the OBD port, instead of having to pull the…
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