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VW Golf 1K1 Tdi BKD remapped, Somerset, PVE, Chard, Premium Remaps for Premium Vehicles

A Vokswagen Golf GTย  Tdi 1K1 2.0 TDI for a remap. We applied a stage 1 remap to this vehicle, already 140bhp releasing 35bhp & 75NM. Weโ€™ve been remapping for over 10 years now. During that time, you learn a thing or two! 😉 We only use premium software, some seem to base their business…
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Landrover Discovery 3 2.7 V6 24v 186bhp, EGR removal & Remap, Evolution Chips, PVE, SID 204 Siemens

This vehicle was booked into PVE, Somerset into our workshop, for a Stage one ECU Remap, and EGR delete. We remapped the ECU a Siemens SID204 item in this case through the OBD port at our workshop near Chard & Ilminster. We can remap the Discovery at our workshop in Chard, Somerset too. We can…
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