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VW Caddy Speed Limiter Removal, EX British Gas, at PVE Somerset

We can remove the speed limiters applied on these Ex-British gas VW Caddys. Usually while you wait. πŸ™‚ The speed limiters are usually set to 90kph or similar. We can remove, or apply these limiters to the Caddy. This customer opted for a Professional Stage 1 tune at the same time. Making for a completely…
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Peugeot partner 2012 speed limiter removal. Hdi 1.6

A quick speed limiter removal on this Peugeot partner this afternoon. The majority of the time, we can do these whole you wait. We can usually do these via diagnostics. Occasionally we have to do these via ECU software, either way, we can delete your speed limiter on your Peugeot partner.
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