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Ford Ranger 2.2 Remapped

This ford Ranger was booked in with a known software issue. It pulses on low rpm part throttle. We updated the software to the latest version available on the Ford Database. This partially fixed the issue with the Puma 2.2. We applied our fix for this issue, along with some power & torque increases to…
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Ford Transit Custom Remap

Transit Custom Remap Somerset A Ford Transit Custom for tuning.We always update the software on these, to the latest Ford version, before starting tuning. To say we've tuned a few of these over the years is a massive understatement. We've vast knowledge of the entire Ford range. We have been remapping vehicles in Somerset now,…
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Audi Q7 3.0tdi stage 1 remap somerset, rolling road

Another Audi Q7 with the 3.0tdi V6 engine remapped. Offering genuine custom remapping, mapping and tuning works. We don't offer the usual flash & dash car-park remap guff. The south wests premier custom remapping establishment, doing what it does best! In house AWD rolling road cell in chard Somerset. We've been in the game years,…
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