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Maxxecu Race Ecus supplied and mapped

We can supply and map the MAXXECU. These Ecus are top quality, and can be supplied with a flying loom. They have inbuilt on board wideband controllers, inbuilt map sensors, and a whole host of features the likes an ECU twice it's price. We can map these here on our rolling road. We can wire…
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Subaru Impreza type R on Syvecs mapped, 560bhp

Syvecs ECU Type R Impreza in today for mapping. Ended up with 560+ bhp. Switchable maps, low and high boost. Anti-Lag up next, along with Meth for some more power soon. Dave has only just bought the car, and it's very well specced, and a credit to its previous owner. 2.3 stroker, GT35, all the…
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Focus ST225 St mk2 2.5 remap, mapped, rolling road, dyno, pve

This is what we specialise in here at PVE, chard, Somerset. Some good old fashioned custom tuning on the rolling road. The Focus ST we can offer various tunes on. Unlimited essentially, including the legendary MSD tunes. This one was just in for a stage 1 tune. And pulled the best part of 270bhp on…
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