Honda Integra type R tuned on Hondata

Cracking little Integra,

We fitted a Hondata K-Pro V4 and tuned the vehicle on our rolling road.

We've literally spent hundreds of hours using the Hondata system, and can tune them for most setups.

Give us a call to get tuned.

We have been live mapping, and remapping cars here in Somerset now for more than 10 years. We had plenty of Dyno experience in the past, with our first Dyno-Dynamics rolling road arriving in 2007. We have since upgraded the dyno, to an AWD Dyno-Dynamics 450DS. Literally the industry standard in rolling roads. We have enclosed it in a Dyno Cell. To keep your pride and joy safe, and cool.

Our Dyno cell, is one of a kind. We have more exhaust extraction CFM than most have cooling fans. We pull cold air from outside the cell very specifically to supply the vehicle with cold fresh air. We can refresh the entire air in the cell approx 14 times a minute. Keeping both the engine, and drivetrain cool. We can even simulate negative, and positive pressures in the cell.


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