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A blog of work going on at PVE, we try top keep it as updated as we can. :-)

Ford Transit Custom Remap

Transit Custom Remap Somerset A Ford Transit Custom for tuning.We always update the software on these, to the latest Ford version, before starting tuning. To say we've tuned a few of these over the years is a massive understatement. We've vast knowledge of the entire Ford range. We have been remapping vehicles in Somerset now,…
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Covid-19 Updates

Our current Procedures for the COVID-19 Pandemic, Update, 01/08/2020 We are now presently open fully. With the only exception being no customers beyond our lower gate. There is no reason for any customers to be beyond this anyway, but just so that you are aware, there are no customers permitted into the workshop.We are still,…
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993 911 On The Rolling Road

993 911 On The Rolling Road A Porsche 911 for remapping on our rolling road. Careful tuning on these Bosch systems can return some fairly decent power gains, and vast improvements in driveability, We have been remapping vehicles in Somerset now, since 2004. We have without a doubt one of the most well equipped workshops…
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