Fiesta ST180 Ecoboost Fiesta 6 1.6 16v Turbo. Stage 2. Forge, Milltek,

We can now offer four power upgrades for the Mk6 Fiesta ST Ecoboost 1.6 here at PVE in Chard, Somerset.

This one was treated to our stage 2.

Mk6 ST Fiesta remap stage 2

This lovely Fiesta ST was treated to our Stage 2 package. This includes a Forge front mount intercooler, a Milltek Exhaust system, and a Forge induction kit. Along with our custom Evolution Remap, will give a good 55bhp & 130NM over standard!


The Milltek exhaust genuinely sounds awesome on these little beasts. The extra power we add, literally brings the things alive.

We complete all the works at our workshop, in Chard, Somerset. The Bosch Tricore MED17.2.2 is remapped here via the OBD port, or via postal BDM service on the bench.

We offer four levels of tune for this vehicle.

Stage 1, gives a boost of 40bhp, with just an uprated air filter and our Evolution stage 1 Remap.

Stage 2, gives a boost of 55bhp. This we fit a Milltek exhaust system, a Forge intercooler, and a Forge Induction kit, along with a Stage 2 Evolution Remap.

Stage 3, gives a boost of 90bhp, This we add an uprated turbocharger (PVE300) to the stage 2. All fitted here at PVE within a day.

Stage 4, gives a massive hike of 140bhp & 260NM above standard! We use again, all in stage 3, and a few little tweaks!

Email us, or phone for prices and availability!

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