VW Tranporter T5 2011 OBD Remap, Remapped Somerset, Chard. EDC17CP20

Yet another VW Transporter T5 2011 model. OBD Remapped.

We've been remapping for over 10 years now. During that time, you learn a thing or two! 😉

We only use premium software, some seem to base their business on cheap end software to maximise profits. All software is Dyno proven, and written by guys who have literally years in the motorsport industry. All our work comes with a guarantee.

We have one of the largest vehicle coverage in the country. We can cover the older 'chipped' vehicles, the BDM, OBD and more recently GPT. Having qualifications in Electronics really helps these days!

What else can we do for you with your T5?

Good question, pretty much anything the dealer can do, and more in fact. We can perform pretty much any retrofits and code them accordingly. We can perform dealer software updates. We can code new keys to your vehicle. We can even clone ECU's & instrument clusters. You might be surprised how little these things cost. 🙂

Have a great day, and I will try to keep this updated a bit more often!

Steve & The Team.

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