Jaguar X-Type 2.7 Remap, Remapped Siemens SID 201, PVE

This vehicle was booked into PVE, Somerset into our workshop, for a Stage one ECU Remap. We remapped the ECU a Siemens item in this case  through the OBD port at our workshop near Chard & Ilminster. We can remap the Jaguar X-Type at our workshop in Chard, Somerset too. We can achieve this through the OBD port, without having to pull the ECU out to use our BDM machine. We gained 35bhp & 85NM on our Stage 1 Evolution Chips Map.

We can remove vehicle speed limiters, DPF, and EGR systems from these vehicles as well as remap them using Evolution Chips files. We are Master dealers for Evolution Chips in Somerset. South west UK. We can read and write files (remap) for these vehicles through the OBD port, or with the ECU removed on the bench using our BDM machine.

We can remap your vehicle at our fully equipped, modern workshop. We have the latest equipment obviously. We keep up to date with our equipment and knowledge. We use Dimsport equipment, not a ‘Hookie Chinese Alientech’ that plenty of people seem to be going round using at the minute. This means your car is in safe hands.

We use the latest in diagnostics equipment too, and I don’t just mean a cheap end Snap-On scanner! We have up to date master packages with Bosch, TEXA, PICO and many others, we can often acheive things that even the dealers can’t with some of our dealer tools.

All of our Maps are dyno-tested, and proven. We will sell you a premium product from an equipped workshop, rather than out the back of a Corsa van. All of our maps come with a 30-day money back no quibble guarantee if you don’t see the gains you want. All software written has a lifetime guarantee.

We have been remapping cars for 10 Years now from our workshop in the South West, in somerset. Within those ten years we have used many file suppliers, my advice would be to see what those files cost to the end user. Chances are it’s £35! Does that sound like somebody has spent decent time an development on your file? No, agreed! It shows when you drive the things too! The difference between a cheap remap that some guy comes out to you to do on your drive and a decent quality premium, professional tuned one are worlds apart.

Fancy that little bit extra? Why not book into our Rolling Road at Chard in Somerset at the same time. A before an after graph so you can see the gains is often preferable, and an experience. We offer our Dyno-Dynamics, dyno cell as one of the safest places in the South West, and certainly in Somerset to rolling road tune your car. We have a soundproof, 4-Wheel Drive Dyno Cell. It has enough airflow to keep even the most demanding vehicles cool. It can change the air in the cell every 3 seconds. We have 5000CFM exhaust extraction. We didn’t just buy a dyno and ‘chuck it in the corner’ of a unit, like it seems some do. So many variables make a good cell. We are confident ours is one of the best rolling road workshops in the UK, let alone Somerset.

We offer a strict appointment only service. This is so that our present customers get our full attention. Please bare this in mind when making an appointment.

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