Jaguar XKR Kenne Bell supercharger 4.0 V8 tuned

Jaguar xkr v8 supercharger kenne bell Mapped On Emerald K6



Track prepared XKR 4.0 V8 Supercharged. Running a Kenne Bell upgraded supercharger, on a manual box.


We've had to cap the power on this to a shade short of 550bhp due to injector limitations. Cracking power & torque graph. This car has been stripped, caged and track prepared to a high standard by Swallows Jaguar - Swallows Racing. I imagine it will be a right handful!!


Running Emerald K6. Thanks to John at Emerald too, for helping diagnose an issue we were having. 🙂


Looking forward to seeing this on track, hopefully with some bigger injectors to chase the 600bhp figure.


I tried to put this up earlier, but messed up the video!


Sounding fantastic.


Swallows Jaguar - Swallows Racing

Kenne Bell Superchargers

Jaguar Enthusiasts' Club


Emerald M3D LTD






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