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Plug and play S-Type R Aftermarket ECU system.

Completed it. A true plug and play aftermarket ECU system for the Jaguar 4.0 4.2 V8 family.This has been a labour of love, Tom (Swallows Racing) and myself hatched this plan nearly a year ago, and it's been something I've been playing with in the sidelines.This is the very first version, modelled here by the…
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Decisions Decisions.

So plenty of people have been down this path before, with various levels of success. One of our battles with the present state of the vehicle has been heat. Inlet temperatures are just ridiculous at combe, continuous lost horsies. We are hoping with the twin charging setup, we should be able to control temperatures somewhat…
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Quantum Duratec Supercharged Project

We first saw this car when James brought it to us for mapping the original engine and ECU on throttle bodies. It was running a crate 'duratec' engine on OMEX with throttle bodies. The car has the Type-9 gearbox and a Sierra LSD. We brought her up to a respectable 200bhp at the time. James…
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