Decisions Decisions.

So plenty of people have been down this path before, with various levels of success. One of our battles with the present state of the vehicle has been heat. Inlet temperatures are just ridiculous at combe, continuous lost horsies.

We are hoping with the twin charging setup, we should be able to control temperatures somewhat 'easier'.

I won't go into why we selected various parts, mainly because the main priority as I said in the beginning is 'bang for buck'. So make no mistake, most of the decision making process is down to cost.

Basic Spec List:

K03 Turbocharger from an ST250 Ford Focus ST. (Will support up 300bhp)
Charge Cooler for turbocharger,
Intercooler for supercharger,
MaxxECU Race
Various extra sensors, for boost and temperature.

First things first I suppose, lets work on a budget manifold:

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