R53 Turbocharger manifold

One of the first things to do was sort our exhaust manifold. One of the reasons we selected the turbocharger we had, as it's physical properties. They have a very odd shaped exhaust housing, allowing us to keep the turbocharger up high, and avoid the whole power steering system and various other bits.

We made our manifold from heavy gauge stainless steel pipe. We essentially ordered some Schedule 10, 304 stainless bends and tee's from our friend good old eBay.

We had water cut the turbo flange and the exhaust flange at a local company called Atom Fabrications who help us with various fabrication jobs.

Looking fairly 'bodge up' I appreciate.

We cut up the bends ect using and TIG welded them up to form our manifold. Very basic, but easily as good as many OEM manifolds I've come accross over the years.

So once we'd finished up with the manifold, we were able to mount the turbocharged properly.

R53 Turbo

Ok, seems to fit well enough.

Oil lines naturally we came off the oil pressure switch outlet, and tee'd off for our turbocharger supply. We welded an AN fitting into the sump, for the return.

R53 turbo oil return bung sump

Oil lines fitting, and turbo manifold are the very basics of this project. It's pretty easy, although somewhat time consuming to mount the turbocharger.

Downpipe is 3", we fitted EGT sensor bung, and wideband sensor bung to it, which will connect straight to the MaxxECU Race. The ecu will allow us to do all sorts with the information provided.

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