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Our track car, twin charged project.

Keeping our inlet temps in check. Twin-Charged R53

As I stated earlier, like most R53 owners, keeping the inlet temperatures on track is a consistant battle.Bolting a turbocharger on there too should help right?! So, we've gone to a +10% pulley on the supercharger, keeping us now way into the efficiency range of the M45 again. So should keep our post charger temperatures…
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R53 Turbocharger manifold

One of the first things to do was sort our exhaust manifold. One of the reasons we selected the turbocharger we had, as it's physical properties. They have a very odd shaped exhaust housing, allowing us to keep the turbocharger up high, and avoid the whole power steering system and various other bits. We made…
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Decisions Decisions.

So plenty of people have been down this path before, with various levels of success. One of our battles with the present state of the vehicle has been heat. Inlet temperatures are just ridiculous at combe, continuous lost horsies. We are hoping with the twin charging setup, we should be able to control temperatures somewhat…
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