Keeping our inlet temps in check. Twin-Charged R53

As I stated earlier, like most R53 owners, keeping the inlet temperatures on track is a consistant battle.

Bolting a turbocharger on there too should help right?!

So, we've gone to a +10% pulley on the supercharger, keeping us now way into the efficiency range of the M45 again. So should keep our post charger temperatures in a somewhat more sensible fashion.

Kavs 10 percent pulley

The +10% pulley feels huge. A standard one to the right. The 19% we have been running feels like a bottle top by comparison.

So this should be somewhat beneficial in many ways, including generating heat, so a little bit of prevention.

Then onto a bit of 'cure' as it were.

Leaving the uprated intercooler in position, and added in a PWR charge cooler, between the turbocharger and the intercooler.

You can just about make out the pipework. Nothing too complicated thus far. Keep it simple stupid, as they say.

We also have fitted, a Water Methanol injection kit, with two nozzles. This will be controlled by the MaxxECU, along with various safety features, and boost related safety strategies.

So at this point we have a running vehicle, next up on the list, is fuel system, and ECU.

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