Plug and Play Aftermarket ECU Conversions for V8 Jaguar

Completed it. 💪💪💪

A true plug and play aftermarket ECU system for the Jaguar 4.0 4.2 V8 family.

This has been a labour of love, Tom (Swallows Racing) and myself hatched this plan nearly a year ago, and it's been something I've been playing with in the sidelines.

This is the very first version, modelled here by the Meguiar's S-Type R. The conversions will be available exclusively from Swallows Jaguar - Swallows Racing.

maxxecu race plug and play jaguar v8
maxxecu race plug and play jaguar v8

This plug and play ECU has the full functionality of the original car. I've spent a good few hours 'sniffing CAN' on the original car! You can retain the working instrument cluster, wheel speed pickups from the ABS over CAN. Closed loop fuel pressure via the REM & FPM in the boot. Variable speed fan control. Cruise control active via the original steering wheel controls. It will even output a compliant OBDII data stream via the DLC16 port.

At the heart of our system, is the absolutely EPIC Maxxecu / Maxxtuning AB Race ECU. This ECU natively has wideband Lambda built in, for closed loop fuelling, allowing self learning. It makes use of the original Knock sensors for knock control, not to mention a host of other safety strategies.

This Plug & Play system opens up a whole world of tuning opportunities for these engines, and vehicles. Injector scaling, bigger superchargers, manual conversions, and dare I say it, turbo conversions! (Watch this Space)

Loom's for complete standalone are also available next year, supplied with ECU & base map.

We are looking to incorporate the later VVT engines late next year also, along with various other classic packages. Bring your classic engine, or car right up to date!


Maxxecu / Maxxtuning AB
Swallows Jaguar - Swallows Racing


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