Porsche Caymen Diagnostics & Airbag reset

Porsche Caymen Diagnostics & Airbag Reset

We have been doing trade diagnostics work since the very first week of opening all those years ago at PVE.

This was a trade job for another garage. The vehicle had been in an accident, and was suffering some related electrical problems, including a camshaft sensor fault, and an airbag fault. Both faults rectified.

Our advanced Porsche diagnosis package allows us to perform many dealer level functions, including some that dealers cannot carry out.

Some of the features we have available using our VAG specific package:

Control Unit Info
Read Fault Codes
Output Tests
Selective Output Tests
Basic Settings
Clear Fault Codes
Close Controller
Code Module
Code Slave Modules
Measuring Blocks
Single Reading
View Readiness
Security Access
Supported Codes
Freeze-Frame Data
Dual K-Line Support
7-Digit PINs
Code Database current through
Diagnostics via direct CAN connection
Advanced Measuring Values
Guided Readiness Scripts
Support for Dual ECUs
Data Logging
HighSpeed DataLogging
Real-Time Graphs
Real-Time Gauges

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