Rear chassis repair and strengthen on BMW E46 M3

We can strengthen & repair the rear end of your BMW E46.

We all know the common cracking problem, we can repair it, to the highest quality, using the best quality repair panels. At an excellent rate, please contact us for details.

So the vehicle is a BMW E46 M3. One of the issues the E46 M3 is renowned for is cracking to the rear chassis where the axle locates. This particular car was pretty good, but we wouldn't really consider putting nearly double the power without getting this little niggle sorted first!

So removal of everything on the rear end, a quick clean up and some strengthening plates welded in accordingly. Etch primed, seam sealed, Shultz and copious amounts ox waxoil. Thanks to PSDesigns for a good fitting kit, that made the job straight forward.

Refitted rear axle with some polybush axle mounts.



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