Remapping in the Chard area

We have been remapping vehicles in Chard, Somerset now since 2007. Although PVE has been established for more than ten years. We have used various different equipment setups. We have also seen various results, some good, some bad. This experience helped in the decision to now use exclusively ‘Evolution Chips’ remaps.

There are plenty of reasons to have changed over to Evolution Chips, another being the vast range. One of the largest, to include EPROMS (Chips), OBD Remapping, and our system for flashing locked ECUs and many Japanese vehicles directly to the Micro on the ECU itself.

We truly believe that our remapping services are second to none. We only use the latest and safest remap hardware, and to top it off we use some of the best proven files on the market today. As ‘Evolution Chips’ dealers we are confident with every file that we remap a vehicle with. Each one written using your cars original data, to include all VIN numbers and immobiliser data. To check your car for gains please visit our Evolution Chips page.

We can also live map your vehicle ECU permitting. Please see our live mapping pages for more information. Again we only use the best equipment, and our years of experience to see what we believe are good results time and time again.

We provide remapping services to the surrounding area, Chard, Illminster, Taunton and Yeovil. We have been as far as Exeter to provide a remap service. Essentially we can remap your vehicle within most of the Chard, Somerset area.

We can provide DPF removal services too. We are aware that there are some cheap options available, and that there are people ‘specialising’ in this. Check our DPF pages out to find out more.

We have experience with many different makes of vehicles for diagnostics, or remapping. We also have experience with rolling roads and various other tuning equipment. We use a company local that can 'rent' their rolling road to us, local to Chard, should you require a tune on a Dyno.

Check out our Facebook page to see whats going on at PVE. We don't post up a picture or nonsense every day, only the odd interesting thing. 🙂 Our Facebook Page

Give us a call anytime, or check out Evolution Chips area to see if we can Remap or Chip your car in Chard.

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