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Jamies 10V UR Quattro MaxxECU Race Conversion

Jamies WR 10v Quattro MaxxECU Conversion Jamie first came to see us back in the summer of 2019. The vehicle had some irritating running issues, and was running on a Lumenition management, having been previously converted from the K-Jetronic back in the 90's. Interestingly, also by Jamie, he's owned the car for many years.The Lumenition…
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Genuine Audi Sport Quattro on the rolling road.

Genuine, proper Sport Quattro, still in absolutely original condition.In for a health check and setup following some works down at AMCars to prepare her for the road again.It's as sexy as hell. Pure function over form. 80's greatness.Massive thanks to @dynodynamics for building a Dyno that will go small enough to run the SWB Quattro!#pve#tuningshed#somersettuned@audi@audiuk@audisport@audiquattrolove@audi5zyl_fanpage@audi_official@_audi_sport_quattro_@groupb.rally@groupbmonsters@group_b_rallycars#sportquattro…
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