Audi Quattro Setup K-Jetronic

Audi Quattro K-Jetronic Rolling Road Setup

K-Jetronic Audi Quattro setup on our rolling road. This is an ex race car from the 80s. It has a race motor installed, interestingly Normally Aspirated, from my understanding, used in various desert Rallys.

We have one of the best setups in the country, also the experience and skills to Live Map your car in Somerset, in our Dyno-Cell (Rolling Road).

Our Dyno-Cell (Rolling Road), based in Somerset, can handle all types of vehicles, We can rolling road 2wd cars at our workshop in Somerset. We can rolling road awd (4wd) cars at our workshop in Somerset. We can also rolling road Motorbikes at our rolling road in Somerset. Please see our specific page for the details on our rolling road in depth.

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