Jamies 10V UR Quattro MaxxECU Race Conversion

Jamies WR 10v Quattro MaxxECU Conversion

Jamie first came to see us back in the summer of 2019. The vehicle had some irritating running issues, and was running on a Lumenition management, having been previously converted from the K-Jetronic back in the 90's. Interestingly, also by Jamie, he's owned the car for many years.

The Lumenition ECU was unsupported, we had the software and managed to get some comms, but we chased wiring faults for a while before Jamie made the decision to upgrade the system in it's entirety. The Lumenition system ran Peak & Hold injectors, distributer, batch fire, and cable throttle. We decided to lose all of these old parts, and give this modern classic some of the following features:

MaxxECU Race
Fly by wire throttle
Sequential Fuel Injection
Individual Coils - Coil On Plug
ECU Controlled Boost Levels, adjustable from inside the vehicle.
Oil temperature sensor for ECU
Oil Pressure sensor for ECU
Rev counter working again (Its not worked since the Lumenition)
Shift light
Full tune on the rolling road

We Agreed on the above, and Jamie dropped off his vehicle. I love projects like this, there are very little parts available for this conversion, and what there used to be are often not available any more. So it means I've got to open the old engineering book, and start designing up some bits. 🙂

Jamies Car under the bonnet, as it arrived:

Quattro 1
As arrived, running the Lumenition ECU on the 10v WR Engine

I started first by pulling out all the old ECU and wiring loom, kind of a blank canvas if you will. First things I needed to do were sort out the engineering parts of the project. This included a crank sensor, and pickup wheel, as the original never needed any, and the Luminetion used just the Distributer. I also designed and had made an adaptor for the throttle body, and a bracket to locate the coils, which will be hidden under the scuttle panel.

Once id got all the engineering parts out of the way, I got on with building a custom loom, to link all this together! I also upgraded the fuel injectors to Bosch 550cc saturated items. I love building looms, getting everything to look as 'factory' as I can and tidy gives me great job satisfaction.

Once the vehicle has been completely wired, I then go round and continuity check the whole loom, double check various sensor scales within the ECU, I can then go ahead and build a base map based on the data I've got. I've also had a 3D Printed lid for the original 10v WR distributer made up.

Then the final engine bay shot, everything complete, and triple checked. I also installed new alternator and power steering belts. When in rome..

So the vehicle now has a clean idle map in there. It starts on the button. I'm yet to tune the vehicle on the dyno yet, as we are in Covid-19 Lockdown presently. However, here is a YouTube video of the vehicle starting, and stopping, via an app on my phone, just to show how versatile this ECU is.

Video From my #Tuningshed Youtube Channel

I will update this when the vehicle is tuned, and with likely another video.

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