Summit Technologies Raptor fitted to Robin Hood kit car

A Summit Raptor completely wireless controller fitted to a removable MOMO steering wheel on this kit car.

Summit Technologies Raptor Road version fitted here at PVE, Chard, Somerset

Summit Technologies Raptor Road version fitted here at PVE, Chard, Somerset

We had a few jobs to do on this little car. The main one was fitting this little  Summit Technologies Raptor 'Road'. We completed this at our workshop in Chard, Somerset.

We have a few other little projects on the back burner that we will be using Summit Technologies products for, watch this space. Extract from the Summit Website:

The RAPTOR 8 Channel Wireless Control System. Both incredibly slim and extremely durable, the Raptor redefines the aftermarket control solution for the Motor Sport enthusiast.

  •   Brushed Silver Gel Centre cap
  •   8 Channel Wireless RF Steering Wheel Control system
  •   Fully Programmable 12v Relay Receiver Module
  •   Momentary, Latching or Flashing Action for each button and relay
  •   Integrated Battery Status LED with power saving logic
  •   The Small Form Factor easily fits a smaller Diameter Steering Wheel - Even Flat Bottomed Wheels
  •   Fits ALL Aftermarket Steering wheels with a 70mm PCD
  •   Water, Oil and Chemical resistant to IP65 Ratings

The RAPTOR is a 2 piece system comprising of the Transmitter Assembly and a 12v 8 Channel Relay Module.

The Transmitter Assembly houses all of the transmission electronics beneath a central cap, and once removed, you can access the CR2032 3V battery to replace at any time. The transmitter cap also allows the Battery Status LED to show through, providing an easy to see coloured status of the remaining battery condition. The LED is only activated when a button is pressed on the board. The 8 Channel Relay receiver has selectable operational modes for each individual relay. Each Relay can react to button presses in the following ways;

  • MOMENTARY ACTION (Press and Hold)
  • LATCHING ACTION (Press once to Lock, Press again to Unlock)
  • FLASHING ACTION (For both Momentary and Latching states)

These combinations allow you to fully customize the RAPTOR to suit your application. You can wire the receiver into your vehicle and operate electrical systems such as Headlights, Indicators, ECU Maps, Traction Control .... The list is endless !

The IVA version of our Raptor has predefined buttons with printed symbols to comply with sections (12 and 33) of the current 2014 IVA M1 Inspection Manual, which is perfect for Kit Car Manufacturers and Road Going Vehicles. The IVA Version also has custom code with some clever cancellation logic. This is designed in such a way, that you cannot activate all of the signal indicators at the same time. The system actually checks so see if any of the signal indicators are active BEFORE allowing another selection.

The 'Flash Rate' of the Road Version of the Raptor is 2 times per second (120 Flashes per minute). This ensures compatibility with current MOT and IVA Regulations in the UK



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